Kim Hyun Joong is so handsome.  His profile is even the best!  LOL@  I love his mole in his left ear... I have always loved it!

Kim Hyun Joong has won the Best Actor Award at the ′Okinawa International Film Festival′ for his appearance in his video 'Lucky Guy!'  I am so proud of my Angel!  He has had a hard time with his acting ambitions in the early months of 2013, and this award is just what he needs to boost his confidence and take on a new project with renewed drive and resolve.  I was so happy to see the announcement and I just want to say Congratulations, Kim Hyun Joong!  Your fans have always had the confidence that you deserve to be recognized and acknowledged for you acting skills.  We are so happy and proud!

Kim Hyun Joong's simple, manly haircut must be easy to take care of when he is playing sports.

This win is a real victory for Hyun Joong as it acknowledges his skills after the disappointment of City Conquest.  His fans are still feeling the meloncholy effects from the cancellation after Hyun Joong had spent nearly a year in filming and the anticipation was at a feverish high for this drama to come out.  I am pleased that Hyun Joong is participating in the Variety Show Barefoot Friends, however; I really want to see him announcing his involvement in another drama project soon.  He is so busy all of the time, I worry about him also.  He finds time to play 12 songs at the Okinawa International Film Festival, then play FC Men's Avenger's games in the midst of filiming for Barefoot Friends.  I still don't fully understand the schedule for this Variety Show.  I'm not sure whether Hyun Joong is finished with filming, or if they are just on a short break.  The fact that they are airing next week makes me hope his obligation is completed.  I just worry that he works too hard.

AIGOO!  Seriously, Hyun Joong is looking so manly and mature it's killing me!  :D

Meanwhile, Barefoot Friends aired it's first teaser on SBS.  The broaddcast is scheduled for next week at 4:50 PM KST, replacing ‘K-Pop Star 2‘ as part of SBS’s Sunday evening variety block.  I was  able to view the teaser on youtube.  Got a bit lost watching the fancams on youtube as well.  I can't help but smile until my face hurts watching KHJ have so much fun.  I can't wait to watch the show online.  I hope the fans that translate eng subs are quick!  I surely appreciate them!  The fans are so active in taking pictures and videos of Hyun Joong wherever he goes.  I wonder how they have the time to follow him around recording his daily activities.  It seems like a full time job to me.  They are only doing this as a hobby and not being paid.  I do appreciate, but worry that they are sacrificing important relationships in their own lives.  I always worry about this.  Especially when I see photos and videos coming out on a daily basis from the same fan(s) at every place Hyun Joong appears.  I would plead with the fans, please don't let yourself become too obsessed.  Hyun Joong wants you to take care of your health.  This includes having a life of your own otuside of his.

Mischievous Hyun Joong?  He looks like he has made one of his witty 4D remarks in this picture.  I wonder who he is playing around with?

Well, this was my first post at my new site kaleidescapekpop.com.  A reader requested I re-post this article here at Hyun Joong's new solo page so comments could be added.   I hope you can enjoy Kim Hyun Joong with me at his new home AngelJoong.  If you haven't read my old blogs just click on @blogger and @wordpress in the navigation menu.  I would like for you to get a taste of Hyun Joong as seen through my eyes there as well.  Take care everyone!  May you be blessed always by the activities and artistry of my Angel Hyun Joong!
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