Kim Hyun Joong's Round 3 Success is Kicking up the Charts and Collecting Names!


Kim Hyun Joong has weathered the storm and is back on top!  S. Korean citizens are getting taste of what the rest of the world has been seeing from Hyun Joong the man. Are they surprised?  We're not.  We've known all along.

The fact that Kim Hyun Joong has taken the #1 spot on the Oricon chart for the 5th time in a row with Round 3 is really no surprise.  He has taken that spot for his last 4 album releases effectively surpassing top J-pop stars as well as some of the most popular K-pop stars on the Japanese chart that seems to matter most:  Oricon.  His popularity in Japan is 'Unbreakable' without a doubt.  Not to mention the fact that his International fans, like myself, buy his albums through outlets like Yes Asia that count toward the Oricon standing.  When I read the news about the latest #1 victory, I was not surprised in the least.

What impresses me more is a new #1 spot:  US Billboard Dance Chart!  I am so proud that he has finally been recognized by a US Chart!  So PROUD!  I really don't think he knows just how many US fans he has.  I have met quite a few through my blog and I was surprised at first to see where my visitors were coming from.  Most of my visitors are from the USA!  Yes!  I really hope KEYEAST will take notice and plan a US appearance soon.  I am afraid that if he doesn't do a US concert before his military service we may never get to see him here.  I will keep hoping and praying.  I have left comments on his official KEYEAST page asking for a US Concert.  Let's hope the Billboard Chart victory will bring it closer to really happening.

Barefoot Friends:  Kiyakaka There Is No Kim Hyun Joong


Kim Hyun Joong:  The Thinker

In Barefoot Friends episodes 16-19 the cast became talent show contestants and were tasked to write 'My Story.'  Kim Hyun Joong and Yoon Si Yoon went on a side trip together to the sea and camped on the beach to gather some inspiration.  It was really cute and interesting to hear their conversation as they got to know more about each other.  KJH grew up in Seoul.  He is a 'City Boy' through, and loves to vacation in nature:  camping, fishing, outdoor sports (certified scuba diver).  Yoon Si Yoon grew up in the country in a very remote village and loves to come to the City for his relaxation.  It was quite the case of opposites.  Apparently, the two are the same age.  I would have never believed it!  But, I confirmed by googling his stats!  Ha!

At any rate, my heart became heavy when Hyun Joong spoke of his feelings about his life at the current moment.  He stated that he was always very thankful for the success he has achieved and his gratefulness is sincere.  He expresses that sincere thankfulness always, even when the life of a celebrity becomes bothersome and lonely.  He really knows how fortunate and blessed he is to have the life he has worked so hard to build.  However, he wants to be a regular unknown guy for just one day.  During his talk with YSY he said he just wanted there to be no 'Kim Hyun Joong.'  Just for that day, and then he would go back to being thankful.

Lean on me, Hyun Joong.  I will let you rest when you are weary.  You don't have to give me a smile.  I will greet you as a man not as a fan.  Hello, how are you?  I am well, and you?  See you again later.  Stay healthy.  Call me when you need a friend.  Truly, anytime day or night.  I will listen to your heart.  Or sit with you in silence.  Just be yourself.  With me you can breathe and just be... how I wish I could say this and let him feel at ease.

When I heard him say this, I got burning tears in my eyes.  His explanation:  When people treat me as a celebrity, saying compliments like, 'You are so handsome,' or giving me extra food when I order at restaurants or handing me gifts.  I feel so grateful, but also burdened.  I am obligated to take things I have the money to buy for myself, eat when I am not hungry, and smile when I am tired.  I am not complaining.  I am eternally grateful.  I just wish to relax for a moment and be unknown.  (These are my interpretations of the words he spoke on BF.  These are not direct quotes.  Please don't take them as his words et al.)

When Performance Day came, Kim Hyun Joong had written a song called 'Kiyakaka There is no Kim Hyun Joong.'  His performance was freestyle and looked like a wonderful release of pent up stress.  It was not his usual highly polished, technical, professional presentation.  He came out on stage in his casual style of ball cap, t shirt and jeans.  He spoke most of the lyrics in a free form style and danced silly and free spirited steps all over the stage.  He let it all out for one day.  I was happy and heart broken at the same time.  It must be so lonely for Hyun Joong sometimes.  His BF cast friends were agreeing with his lyrics and enjoying his performance.  Only his fellow celebrities can understand this feeling of isolation and obligation.

Kim Hyun Joong is bright in white.  Dazzling.  He is always the happiest when meeting fans.  He will even insist on seeing them at the crowded airports!  He has been quoted as saying, "I must greet my fans,"  even when there are concerns for his safety.  That is the Precious Heart of Kim Hyun Joong.

I just want to say to him:  Hyun Joong, Agiya!  Baby, don't worry.  You will find a place someday where you can be comfortable.  You will find a person who can see the real Kiyakaka.  The man who is Kim Hyun Joong deep inside his heart.  They will see past the glamour and accept the gritty.  I love you, and would be that person who just let you rest if I were actually a part of your daily life.  However, I am just a fan watching from far away.  I can't be that real person for you.  I am praying for her to show up and give you the room to breathe for which you are longing.  Just know your fans understand your heart.  We have seen you.  The real you.  And we are not leaving your side.

I have sent handmade gifts in the past to Kim Hyun Joong.  I would never go and spend a lot of money on clothes or a gift.  He can get those for himself.  He has the means.  If we as his fans want to give him a real gift, donate to the needy in his name.  His fan clubs do this on a regular basis.  You can get involved in one of their drives, or just donate to a local charity with Hyun Joong in your heart.  Write him a comment on  Tell him you gave following his heart for those in need.  Tell him he can rest sometimes and doesn't always have to show his smiling face to us.  We will not abandon him or think less of him.  We are together with him always.  Alien Family.

Hyun Joong even practices his 'hat dance' at the pool on the set of Barefoot Friends.  He is constantly working hard to present his best for US.  He truly loves his fans.  Our bond is beyond celebrity/fan.  It is truly UNBREAKABLE!

I am taking Hyun Joong's actual words to heart and expanding them with my understanding of what he means.  I sometimes get frustrated when I read articles by non fans who misinterpret him.  He may make a comment that is obviously his typical 4D humor, and people take him literally.  I read an article slamming him and the female guest that stood in for UEE on BF when she had to perform concerts and couldn't film the variety show.  I have not seen Ep 21 yet, but apparently they were discussing the capitol city of India or something like that.  Hyun Joong said, 'Isn't it the Taaj Mahal?"  The other girl did not know the answer either and jokingly made a comment as well. 

Well, the article just laid into them saying they were role models for the youth and they shouldn't display their ignorance on TV!  Seriously, take it easy!  Hyun Joong never claims to be all knowing.  He also doesn't take it seriously when he doesn't know the answer.  He will joke.  He probably did not mean it seriously when he said Taaj Mahal or whatever.  He isn't some genius Jeopardy contestant for crying out loud!  Oh..... my blood pressure... I have to calm down.  I am just so defensive of my Angel.  I am just upset that people are so dismissive of him and disrespect him so easily.  He is a human being!  He may have faults, but his character is impeccable.  That's all that matters to me.

Kim Hyun Joong can't hide his love for his fans.  It is written all over his face as he listens intently to whatever they want to share.  It's not just an autograph to Hyun Joong.  It is a chance to meet the ones who have a special place in his heart.  His fans.

I read another write up on the new drama he will be filiming called Inspiring Generation/Age of Feeling.  The article was discussing the situaiton with the drama where two actors have already turned the role away.  One is on Two Weeks and the other is doing a medical drama.  I can understand why they might want to avoid another period drama because it is a genre that has been done to death.  The article was saying they did not like Kim Hyun Joong as the lead.  He was not their first, second, third or even 4th choice.  They expressed their doubts about his acting abilities.  Apparently, they are of the opinion he did not do well in his past dramas.

The cancellation of City Conquest, to this non fan, is further proof that he can't carry a drama.   Well, all I have to say is the writer of that article could not have truly watched Hyun Joong's performances in BOF or PK.  Certainly, they have not seen the released scenes of City Conquest:  Episode Zero on youtube either.  If they have, I don't know what standard they use to judge.  It must be entirely logical criteria they use.  They are agreeing with those negative critics who slammed Hyun Joong in the height of his transition from SS501 leader with DSP to his solo career with KEYEAST.  There was animosity back then, and it seems to still be lingering in the hearts of some kpop/kdrama viewers.  I am truly saddened.

Unbreakable Kim Hyun Joong.  Let's give your critics a one, two punch with a knockout performance in Age of Feeling.  I know you can do it.  Let's show them what you're made of!

My only response to their doubts is this.  If you already have a negative heart toward him, you will never see his true gift.  He is a gifted actor.  He becomes a character and puts his entire being into creating a complex and dynamic performance.  His methods may not be textbook.  He may not have attended a prestigious acting university and graduated with honors.  He may not have paid his dues on the live stage as some actors have honing classic skills.  He may not have all the credentials you need before giving your respect.  But, he has touched the hearts of legions across the globe with only his portrayal of Yoon Ji Hoo in BOF. 

It was his first acting experience ever.  From that one performance, he gained me and hundreds of thousands of admirers from every country the drama has been aired.  It took only that real performance to capture us forever.  He BECAME the character.  And, if you know who the character is supposed to be, you can see it was a difficult job.  Hyun Joong, with no acting experience or training whatsoever, let us see the real complexity of Yoon Ji Hoo.  His exterior may have been very cold and unfeeling.  But Kim Hyun Joong let us see the true heart of a young man who has a crippling disability:  autism.  

This disability takes away emotion.  It makes human relationships nearly impossible.  Hyun Joong let us feel with Yoon Ji Hoo for the first time.  He let us see that a person may appear like a statue on the outside.  Even when a person seems to have no feelings whatsoever, they are still a human being.  They can still love.  It may not look like the passion filled love we experience.  Nevertheless it is real.  And it may just be far more dedicated and deep than the crazy passion high we know as 'love.'  When Yoon Ji Hoo falls, it is for life.  When a Kim Hyun Joong fan falls, it is the same.  

I hope these non fans can open up their hearts and experience the raw talent Kim Hyun Joong has been honing for the past two years.  May Age of Feeling make it to a top spot in the Korean Drama world.  I know it will if people will just watch it with their hearts instead of their critcal minds.  I am supporting Hyun Joong 100%.  He will do an amazing job ONCE AGAIN.  It is not like he has never done well.  He has simply suffered from bias.  Give him a chance.  He will show you what he's got!

Looking back, where you at?  You've shared Your Story with us.  Thank you, Kim Hyun Joong.

So, what do I mean by Barefoot Farewell?  Well, I cancelled my membership to DRAMA FEVER.  I was only retaining it to watch the variety show because of Kim Hyun Joong.  the last few episodes (I have watched through ep 20 now on youtube) did not feature Hyun Joong much.  He was absent for a whole episode because he had other schedules to fulfill.  In the last couple episodes, Hyun Joong was always in the background and silent.  They did show him working hard in the kitchen making soups for the bachelor celebs they were visitng and making homemade meals.  I was proud to see him being his diligent hard working self.  But, I was disappointed that he was not being featured.

The first episodes were so great and exhilarating!  Watching gave me some great Kim Hyun Joong memories.  The show is fizzling now, and I am not so quick to watch.  I waited several weeks to watch the episodes that aired after the Talent Show thread.  I was interested in learning about Korean Food and it was nice to see some of it explained so well.  I have enjoyed watching Hyun Joong eat so deliciously as well!  LOL!  However, my interest has waned to nil.  I will look up the episodes as they come on youtube with english subs.  But, I will not be waiting anxiously.  I decided it was not worth $9.99 per month for Drama Fever.  I watch the rest of my dramas on Hulu anyway.  They even air the simulcasts the same day as DF.  No brainer.  I'll get my Hyun Joong online from now on.

Kim Hyun Joong strikes a breathtaking silhoutte.

And so, my parting thoughts will be concerning Hyun Joong's latest look.  I had a new and very young fan comment via email that she did not like his short hairstyle and preferred him with his BOF and PK hairstyles.  She wanted to know what my favorite style was.  I told her I love them all because I love Kim Hyun Joong.  I really meant that as well.  I don't have any favorites among the many styles he has.  I like his current short hair style.  It is really quite manly and sexy.  I have seen Kim Hyun Joong in a new light and I'm enjoying seeing him come out in ball cap, t-shirt and jeans whenever he is on exposure.  Air port, BF filming, even his fan sign events and concerts, Kim Hyun Joong feels secure enough to just be himself.  I am glad in my heart.

I think his handsomeness goes beyond his physical looks.  I am not saying I don't see that he is the most FREAKIN' GORGEOUS man alive!  I see it.  But, I find it is his physical imperfections that make me feel sentimental.  The small scar below his left eye.  The mole in his left ear.  The sun spots on his right cheek you can only see when he is not wearing bb cream.  I love them all.  His dark skin and even the dark circles under his eyes.  He is human and more beautiful and precious to me when he shows these flaws.  When he shows his weakness I am moved.  This is true love.  I am still amazed it happened to me.  I have never felt this before as a fan of a celebrity.  Really, I have only followed one other celebrity with even half this level of devotion.

Kim Hyun Joong always the Gentleman tipping his hat to the crowd.  Or maybe he's just adjusting it for comfort!   LOL!  He is just a natural.  Casual Elegance.

It is what it is.  Kim Hyun Joong.  Glamour.  Beauty.  Celebrity.  Hallyu Craze.  It's all fun and exciting.  My blog will talk about any projects he is involved with.  I will post any promotional photos I find appealing.  I will talk about his talent and his beauty.  I will gush like a fan girl sometimes.  But the reason I am still writing going on 2 years now is not because of any of that.  It is because my heart has been moved to a level of deep love.  I am truly in love with a person I have never met.  It is crazy, strange and bizarre, but I am not the only one.  There are others who feel this way for Kim Hyun Joong.  

They comment here sometimes and on other sites.  I read some wonderful and heart warming comments on the write up about Inspiring Generation/Age of Feeling on Asian Wiki.  People were talking about just seeing BOF and PK in their countries as recently as last month.  There are new fans falling in love with Yoon Ji Hoo and then discovering Kim Hyun Joong the real man just as I did 3 years ago.  They are writing the same thoughts and feelings I had then and still have today.  If they weren't legitimate, I wouldn't be here.  I want to thank the fans who have commented and emailed me with questions and beautiful thoughts.

The real man.  No makeup, no fuss.  I call this picture Gorgeous Grimace.  We can see him without picture perfection.  My heart is unchanged.  His beauty is far more than skin deep.  It is a heart  thing.  I will always belong to Kim Hyun Joong alone.

Let's keep going with Kim Hyun Joong.  He inspires us and makes us feel our humanity.  We are able to connect deeply and form a bond that is truly unbreakable with him and with each other.  I am happy to be here with you and Hyun Joong.   Thank you, Kim Hyun Joong for creating something beautiful with us.  We are forever yours... Kiyakaka, Only One, Alien Prince, the real Kim Hyun Joong.  So much love it is impossible to express with mere human speech.  Please feel my heart reaching out to touch yours.  You have branded mine with unspeakable joy.  Love always, Angie ssi.
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